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Whiskey Review: Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-in-Bond


Rittenhouse should be considered one of the better value pours on the market, and one of the richer, more complex rye whiskeys available. Perhaps it’s Heaven Hill’s cost of money, maybe it’s just good business sense, but Heaven Hill continues to produce outstanding whiskeys at great values that remain available regularly on shelves.

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Whiskey Review: Willett XCF Version 1.0


It’s just a little too unbalanced to give a solid recommendation, but it’s not a complete whiff on Willett’s part. I’m sure this style will have its fans just the way it is. This feels like a liqueur crying out to be used in a cocktail rather than sipped neat, and for $150, it may price itself out of that market.


Whiskey Review: Bulleit Rye


Bulleit stands up extremely well to various other ryes in its niche. Its texture is outstanding, and that’s sometimes hard to accomplish in a 90 proof whiskey. The flavor is excellent as well.