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WhiskeyFamilyProofDate PostedRating
1792 Small Batch (formerly Ridgemont Reserve)Barton93.7Mar-1586
1792 Single BarrelBarton93.7Jul-1788
1792 Full ProofBarton125Jun-1691
1792 Full Proof Single Barrel (Kroger)Barton125Nov-1689
1792 Full Proof Single Barrel (The Bourbon Society)Barton125Oct-1694
1792 Sweet WheatBarton91Nov-1689
A Midwinter Nights Dram Act 2.9 Scene 710High West98.6Jun-1590
American PrairieHigh West92Dec-1688
Ancient Age 80Buffalo Trace80Jun-1475
Ancient Age 90Buffalo Trace90Jun-1479
Ancient Ancient Age 10 StarBuffalo Trace90Dec-1480
Ardbeg 10 YearArdbeg92Jun-1785.5
Ardbeg CorryvreckanArdbeg114.2Jul-1791
Ardbeg UigeadailArdbeg108.4Jun-1792
Baker's Jim Beam107May-1686
BarterhouseDiageo/New Bernheim90.5Jun-1485
Basil Hayden'sJim Beam80May-1482
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey (private barrel selection)Heaven Hill90Jan-1483
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey Liquor Barn Private SelectionHeaven Hill90Apr-1588
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey Small Batch (Comparison Review)Heaven Hill90May-1487
Black RidgeBarton90Jan-1485
Blade & BowDiageo90May-1588
Blade & Bow 22 YearDiageo90May-1590
Blanton'sBuffalo Trace93May-1489
Blanton's Straight from the Barrel - #Barrel 928Buffalo Trace130.9Mar-1790
Booker'sJim Beam127Mar-1490
Booker's RyeJim Beam136.1Jun-1694
Buffalo TraceBuffalo Trace90May-1588
Bulleit 10 Year BourbonDiageo91.2Aug-1488
Bulleit Barrel Strength BourbonBourbon119Apr-1689
Bulleit BourbonDiageo90Jun-1486
Bulleit RyeDiageo90Jul-1487
Climax MoonshineClimax90Jul-15NR
Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr. Single BarrelBuffalo Trace100Jul-1488
Col. E. H. Taylor, Jr. Small BatchBuffalo Trace100Feb-1488
Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof (2014)Buffalo Trace129Jan-1592
Coopers' CraftBrown-Forman82.2Aug-1684
Double Rye!High West92Jul-1590
Eagle Rare (2014 Label/Batched)Buffalo Trace90Mar-1584
Eagle Rare (Pre 2014 Label, Single Barrel)Buffalo Trace90Mar-1589
Early Times Bottled in Bond BourbonBrown-Forman100June-1787
Eighteen 33Boone County Distilling90.8Feb-1786
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B514 134.8°Heaven Hill134.6Aug-1491
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B516 139.4°Heaven Hill139.4Sep-1688
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch B517 124.2°Heaven Hill124.2May-1792
Elijah Craig Barrel Select 125Heaven Hill125Apr-1782
Elijah Craig Small Batch (12 Year)Heaven Hill94May-1489
Elmer T. LeeBuffalo Trace90May-1589
Evan Williams (Black Label)Heaven Hill86Jun-1482
Evan Williams Barrel ProofHeaven Hill125Apr-1491
Evan Williams Master Distillers SelectHeaven Hill90Jan-1688
Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2003Heaven Hill86Sep-1488
Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004 (Society selection)Heaven Hill86Oct-1489
Evan Williams White LabelHeaven Hill100Jul-1486
Ezra B Single Barrel 12 YearLuxco99Apr-1588
Ezra Brooks Straight RyeLuxco90Apr-1781
Forged OakDiageo/New Bernheim90.5Jun-1489
Four Roses LE Small Batch 125th Anniversary (2013)Four Roses136.1Aug-1496
Four Roses LE Small Batch (2014)Four Roses103.2Nov-1492
Four Roses LE Small Batch (2016)Four Roses111.2Oct-1693
Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel (2014), OESFFour Roses113Jul-1495
Four Roses Single BarrelFour Roses100May-1488
Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection Barrel Strength OBSV (Whiskey Women/Liquor Barn)Four Roses110.4Feb-1489
Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection Barrel Strength OESF (Liquor Barn)Four Roses110.4Jun-1494
Four Roses Single Barrel Private Selection OESQ (Liquor Barn)Four Roses118Jan-1589
Four Roses Small BatchFour Roses90Aug-1587
Garrison Brothers Bourbon (Fall 2013 Vintage)Garrison Brothers94Mar-1583
George Dickel 17 Year Tennessee WhiskeyGeorge Dickel87Aug-1677
George Remus BourbonMGP88Jun-1788
George T. Stagg, 2009 BottlingBuffalo Trace141.4Mar-1495
Hancock's President's ReserveBuffalo Trace88.9Jul-1587
Hartfield & Co. -The Gentleman WhiskeyHartfield & Co.100Oct-15NR
Heaven Hill 6 Year Bottled in Bond (comparison)Heaven Hill100Jul-1486
Heaven Hill Select Stock 2016 (126.4°)Heaven Hill126.4Oct-1691
Henry McKenna Single Barrel Private Selection (Liquor Barn)Heaven Hill100Apr-1488
I.W. Harper 15 year BourbonDiageo86Mar-1591
I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon (4 years)Diageo82Mar-1584
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel ProofBrown-Forman132.3Dec-1590
James E. Pepper 1776 Barrel Proof RyeJames E. Pepper (MGP)114.6Feb-1787
Jefferson's Chef's CollaborationJefferson90Jul-1584
Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 3Jefferson90Jul-1589
Jefferson's Presidential Select 25 YearJefferson90.4Feb-1484
Jim Beam Double OakJim Beam86Sep-1688
Jim Beam Harvest Collection Soft Red WheatJim Beam90Oct-1484
Kentucky Tavern Bottled-in-BondBarton100May-1585
Kentucky VintageKBD/Willett90Nov-1578
Knob CreekJim Beam100May-1486
Knob Creek 2001Jim Beam100Jun-1691
Knob Creek Single Barrel ReserveJim Beam120Jan-1490
Lagavulin 8 Year ScotchLagavulin96Jan-1788.5
Lagavulin 12 Year ScotchLagavulin115.4Aug-1787.5
Lagavulin 16 Year ScotchLagavulin86Feb-1791.5
Lagavulin Distillers Edition (2015)Lagavulin86Feb-1792
LarcenyHeaven Hill92Mar-1486
Lost ProphetDiageo/GTS-Buffalo Trace90.5Jun-1490
Maker's 46Maker's Mark94Apr-1687
Maker's MarkMaker's Mark90Apr-1686
Maker's Mark Cask StrengthMaker's Mark113.2Apr-1590
Maker's Mark Private Select Liquor Barn #1Maker's Mark110.1Apr-1693
Maker's Mark Private Select Liquor Barn #2Maker's Mark110Apr-1692
Masterson's Rye Whiskey35 Maple90Jul-1482
McAffee's Benchmark Old. No. 8Buffalo Trace80Jun-1475
Michter's Small Batch US*1Michter's91.4Mar-1487
Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon (2016)Michter's91.4Apr-1686
Minor Case Rye Whiskey (2017)Limestone Branch90May-1787
Noah's MillKBD/Willett114.4Apr-1489
O.K.I. 10 Year Sherry/Brandy Finished BourbonNew Riff108May-1793
Old Bardstown Bottled-in-BondWillett100Sep-1679
Old CrowJim Beam80May-1472
Old EzraLuxco101Jan-1787
Old Fitzgerald Bottled in BondHeaven Hill100May-1483
Old Forester 1870 Original BatchBrown-Forman90Jan-1592
Old Forester 1897 Bottled-in-BondBrown-Forman100Jun-1590
Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style BourbonBrown-Forman115Feb-1791
Old Forester 86Brown-Forman86Jul-1782
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2014Brown-Forman97Nov-1490
Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2016Brown-Forman97Oct-1690
Old Forester SignatureBrown-Forman100Jan-1588
Old Forester Single Barrel- The Bourbon Society selectionBrown-Forman90Jun-1587
Old Grand Dad BiB 100 (#BBBR)Jim Beam100May-1476
Old Grand-Dad 114Jim Beam114Apr-1586
Old TaylorBuffalo Trace80Jun-1469
Old TubJim Beam100Dec-1584
Old Weller Antique (Liquor Barn)Buffalo Trace107Mar-1485
Parker's Heritage 7th edition, Promise of Hope (2013)Heaven Hill96Jul-1493
Parker's Heritage Collection 8th Edition Wheat Whiskey (2014)Heaven Hill127.4Oct-1495
Parker's Heritage Collection 9th Edition Malt Whiskey (2015)Heaven Hill108Sep-1588
Pikesville Rye WhiskeyHeaven Hill110Oct-1592
Rabbit Hole BourbonRabbit Hole Distilling95Jan-1785
Rabbit Hole RyeRabbit Hole Distilling95Jan-1786
Rebel Yell Single Barrel 10 Year (2016)Luxco100Sep-1690
Rebel Yell Single Barrel 10 Year (2017)Luxco100Jun-1792
Rittenhouse Rye Bottled-in-BondHeaven Hill100Jan-1591
Rock Hill Farms Single BarrelBuffalo Trace100Jun-1490
Rowan's CreekKBD/Willett100.1Mar-1486
Sazerac Rye ("Baby Saz")Buffalo Trace90Oct-1690
Single Oak Project barrel 77Buffalo Trace90Sep-1485
Single Oak Project Barrel 175Buffalo Trace90Sep-1490
Smooth Ambler 10 Year Bourbon- Old Line Private BarrelSmooth Ambler120.6Mar-1789
Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 year BourbonSmooth Ambler99Aug-1487
Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 year BourbonSmooth Ambler106.8Oct-1586
Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 year BourbonSmooth Ambler99Aug-1489
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye WhiskeySmooth Ambler99Aug-1488
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel Cask Strength BourbonSmooth Ambler119.8Oct-1488
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Single Barrel Cask Strength Rye WhiskeySmooth Ambler124.42Aug-1492
Stagg Jr. (2014)Buffalo Trace134.8Mar-1494
Tap 357Tap Spirits80Apr-17NR
The Gifted horseDiageo115Feb-1682
The Quiet Man 8 Year Single MaltLuxco/Niche Spirits80Feb-16NR
The Quiet Man Traditional BlendLuxco/Niche Spirits80Feb-16NR
Very Old Barton Bottled in BondBarton100Mar-1483
Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12 yearHeaven Hill90Mar-1488
Virginia Gentleman Small BatchSmith Bowman90Mar-1475
W.L. Weller Special Reserve (Liquor Barn)Buffalo Trace90Mar-1480
Wathan's Single Barrel Bourbon
Charles Medley
Whoop & HollerDiageo84Sep-1684
Wild Turkey 101Wild Turkey101Dec-1588
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit - Bourbon Society SelectionWild Turkey101Mar-1490
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8°Wild Turkey112.8Aug-201686
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 6 Year RyeWild Turkey90Feb-1682
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Private Selection (Westport Whiskey & Wine)Wild Turkey110Mar-1489
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Rye - LB Series 1Wild Turkey104Jun-1791
Willett Family Estate 4 Year RyeKBD/Willett110Mar-1490
Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 8 Year (Liquor Barn)KBD/Willett119.6Mar-1488
Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 10 Year (Westport Whiskey & Wine)KBD/Willett126.2Mar-1493
Willett Pot Still ReserveKBD/Willett94Mar-1487
Willett XCF Version 1.0KBD/Willett103.4Mar-1484
William Larue Weller (2013)Buffalo Trace110Mar-1494
Winchester Extra Smooth BourbonTerrePURE90May-1755
Woodford Reserve Double Double OakedWoodford Reserve90.4Mar-1489
Woodford Reserve Sweet Mash ReduxWoodford Reserve90.4Mar-1478
Yellowstone Limited Edition (2016)Limestone Branch101Dec-1689
Yellowstone Select (2016)Limestone Branch93Nov-1689

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