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It’s January 13th, with marks the 15th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s second retirement from the NBA. In honor of #23’s second special day,  raise a Glass of one of Chicago’s better known brews,  also one of my favorites: Goose Island 312. Describe as an “urban wheat”  beer, this beer is crisp and refreshing with that wheat sweetness throughout. . 


What are the necessities for a good home bourbon bar? It’s no secret, we’re witnessing an explosive boom in the growth and popularity of American Whiskey, and that boom is being led by Kentucky Bourbon.  Bourbon sales increased almost 12% in 2012, and bourbon has become the hottest new “it” liquor worldwide.  It’s so popular that distillers are struggling to keep up with demand. A worldwide boom has local implications for a lot of us, particularly when stocking a home bar.  Many of the most popular high-end bourbons are difficult to find and rising in cost yearly.  But there are…


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