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What it is: Knob Creek has, for some years now, been a staple of many bourbon diets. The entry level offering to Jim Beam’s Small Batch Collection, Knob Creek offers good flavors, 100 proof, and very good value for a top-shelf bourbon. It’s been the mainstay of my own bourbon shelf for the past several years. So it was not with a small amount of excitement and not without some pretty high expectations that I got to try the Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. I found this at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse gift shop for $47.99 after touring the…


Well this is an easy one.  Today is January 20th, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day in the United States.  This day is dedicated to a pioneer of human rights, who had a dream that all men and women would one day live peacefully together in mutual love and respect.  Dr. King pushed for equal rights in a tumultuous time in America, when an entire race of people in this country lived as second class citizens, and that divide between white and black was institutionalized, standardized, and the law of the land.  Dr. King lent a voice to the…

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