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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Releases by Proof

Release NumberRelease DateBatch No.Proof
1Mar-2013A313134.2 Proof
2Jul-2013B713137.0 Proof
3Sep-2013C913133.2 Proof
4Mar-2014A314132.4 Proof
5May-2014B514134.8 Proof
6Sep-2014C914140.2 Proof
7Feb-2015A215128.0 Proof
8May-2015B515139.8 Proof
9Sep-2015C915135.6 Proof
10Jan-2016A116138.8 Proof
11May-2016B516139.4 Proof
12Sep-2016C916136.0 Proof
13 (New Bottle)Jan-2017A117127.0 Proof
14May-2017B517124.2 Proof
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