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What it is

Virgin Bourbon is a 7 year 101 proof bourbon sourced out of Heaven Hill and is available in two states (North Carolina and Alabama. I’ve heard rumors of it being found in Texas but have never been able to confirm this.)


Brownish Light caramel


Vanilla, oak, corn and slight spice are present up front followed by brown sugar with a slight citrus floral note and a hint of earthiness at the end.


There is a decent amount of oak on the front of the palate followed by a mild sweet undertone of cinnamon and orange with tobacco in the distance.


Medium Finish with a pleasing spiciness that hangs around after.


I greatly enjoy this bourbon and being a huge fan of Heaven Hills 6yr BIB this a great replacement for that.
It has most of the flavors that I remember being present for the 6yr BIB but with a tad more oak and sweetness that I normally didn’t find on the 6yr. I don’t know the future fate of this bourbon but my hope is that it doesn’t succumb to its slightly younger predecessor. Overall I grab this bottler anytime I find myself in Alabama visiting my In-laws and for under $20 I don’t see how you can go wrong.

ModernThirst.com Score: 88 out of 100

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Virgin Bourbon

88 Very Nice

A great expression of a bourbon sourced from Heaven Hill. Age stated with great flavor, and at a great price.

About Author

Timothy lived in Southern California most of his life and although he drank bourbon for good amount of those years, it wasn't until he moved to Louisville that he really jumped into bourbon head first. He's always been incredibly fascinated with what bourbon has to offer and what goes into making a great bottle of whiskey; from the earth that birthed the beautiful oak for its barrels to the grain that shines through when it first hits your lips. He wants to learn everything there is to know... and then drink it. You can Follow him on instagram @SingleBarrelSnob


  1. Mark Breitkreutz

    I thoroughly enjoy this bourbon as well and can get it at most of the liquor stores here in Kansas.
    Until recently I was paying approximately $14 a fifth.
    Now the prices jumped to $27 a fifth going up approximately $13 almost doubling in price.
    I’m being told that it’s the distributor that is doubling the price on this what is considered a bottom shelf well liquor.
    Has anybody else experienced this?

    • Hey Mark, it has also been confirmed that the 7 year old is going away and it will now be a NAS bourbon. I have also heard the price will go up but I still see it here for about 15 bucks and I can find the 7 year right now.

    • I was just in Alabama over the weekend and was at two ABC stores that still had it for 15 bucks and it was still the 7 year age stated. I did see the NAS version at another store. Better stock up now!

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