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Beware, zombies are everywhere right now! On your TV, in the local multiplex and even in the library. While I haven’t got caught up in the latest brain eating craze, there is one Zombie related item that I can rally behind and that is the much coveted Zombie Dust American Pale Ale by Three Floyds. This is a near perfect beer, be sure to grab it if you ever see it. Expect a detailed review in the future, and watch out for the undead.


While yet another round of cold weather descends on much of the Midwest and south this week, a ray of warm hope shines on the cold, shivering masses from the south and west. The groundhog may have seen his shadow, and there may be sub-freezing temperatures across much of the nation, but fear not, cold shivering masses; summer is coming! The long cold nightmare that is winter is finally fading. Today marks the start of intra-squad simulated games in Grapefruit League and Cactus League Spring Training, with actual spring games commencing tomorrow. For those who don’t follow, that’s Major League…

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