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It’s interesting, really. Currently, the United States stands in second place at the Sochi Olympics in overall medals. Impressive, right? We’re a sports juggernaut, right? A closer look shows the truth. Actually, don’t look closer, it’ll just disappoint you. We’re super awesome at made-up pseudo sports, and pretty mediocre at real ones. The United States has won 7 gold medals. Two are in Halfpipe Skiing and Snowboards, 3 are in slopestyle skiing and snowboarding, one is in ice dancing. That’s 6 of our 7 gold medals won in sports where someone judges the participants based on style. Style? Really? Really.…


After our plans were changed for Presidents’ Day weekend, I found myself home from work today without any real plans.  While I was initially disappointed in the changed plans, it gives me a perfect opportunity to brew a batch of beer! What am I brewing today?  Well it may not surprise you but it is an IPA.  I decided to name it Presidential IPA, but then after a quick search, I discovered there is some beer out of Arkansas with the same name,  now I’m considering naming it William Henry Harrison, the US President that happens to be buried just…

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