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January 22nd marks the 226th birthday of one George Gordon Byron, better known to literature buffs and overly dramatic high school teachers with over-inflated senses of self-worth everywhere as the poet and writer, Lord Byron. During his lifetime, Lord Byron wrote prolifically. So prolifically, in fact, that when his publisher re-published his life works in 1832, 3 years after his death, it took up FOURTEEN BOOKS to print it all. In his life, he was a mega-celebrity, with his wife actually coining the term “Byromania.” If my name worked that well with “mania,” I would hope it would become a…


I was able to pick a bottle of this up at The Party Source in Bellevue, KY (which happens to be the  largest beverage and alcohol store in the U.S.) for $26.  This is part of their Single Barrel Selections, where representatives from the store go to the distillery and pick out barrels to be bottled.  What this means is you end up getting a single barrel version of a whiskey that is normally a small batch or other blend (at the same price!)  This has become more common in liquor stores around Kentucky.  The Cork n’ Bottle stores in…

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