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Bourbon and Whiskey Reviews has one of the most extensive catalogues of bourbon and whiskey reviews on the web, and the list is growing every week!

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Bourbon and Whiskey Mash Bills

ModernThirst has compiled one of the most comprehensive compilations of bourbon and whiskey mash bill recipes on the net.  Enjoy!  


Essential Bourbon Glassware

Some of the better vessels to sip your favorite dram.


Scoring System

The scoring system is a standard 100 point system based on 4 categories, taken in order: Appearance: 15 points Nose: 25 Points Palate/Taste: 35 Points Finish: 25 points


Kentucky DSP Numbers

This table shows the historical names, numbers, and locations of Kentucky Distillers.  It is a work-in-process and will change on occasion.  They are drawn from a number of web, printed, and oral resources and are for reference only.


Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Stagg/WLW/Handy Releases by Year and Proof

A handy guide for George T. Stagg, William Larue Weller, and Thamas Handy Sazerac Releases by year and proof.


Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Guide to releases and batches

A handy guide to navigating through all the releases of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof.


Bourbon Sample Bottles

Ever wondered where to get those little glass bottles everyone seems to be using to store and trade whiskey samples? Here’s our quick run down on standard bourbon & whiskey sample bottles with purchase links.


The Essential Bourbon Reading List

Congratulations on your enrollment in Modern Thirst University’s Bourbon Appreciation program!  We believe you will enjoy your time at MTBU, and find it rewarding both educationally and socially.  We here at the University encourage social interaction between students, as well as between faculty and students, and faculty and faculty.  After all, this is about drinking.


The Bourbon Flavor Wheel and Tasting Sheet

We’ve had a lot of requests lately to re-post the Bourbon Flavor Wheel for readers who want to conduct their own tastings. I created the wheel back in April for my “Tasting Bourbon 101” post, and I suppose it has been a useful tool for some of our readers.  So in order to help facilitate


Bourbon Primer

What is bourbon? What makes it unique? Check out our beginner’s guide to bourbon.


Tasting Bourbon 101

Did you know there is a difference between tasting your bourbon and drinking it? The correct way to drink bourbon is however you like to drink it;  mixed or on the rocks on a hot summer day, straight up next to the fire in the dead of winter, or with a twist of lemon with