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Looking for reviews of your favorite whiskey glass?  How about ice ball makers?  Aging masts?  Home whiskey barrels?  Home bar mini-projects?  We’ve got you covered! From barware to product tests, this is your spot!

Bourbon Sample Bottles

Ever wondered where to get those little glass bottles everyone seems to be using to store and trade whiskey samples? Here’s our quick run down on standard bourbon & whiskey sample bottles with purchase links.

Barware Reviews
Product Review: Practico Kitchen PractiCube and IceCubby

In terms of barware, no question is posed to us here at ModernThirst more than those regarding our opinions on whiskey stones, ice spheres, and ice cubes. So it fits in nicely that we were approached about trying out a couple of products from Practico Kitchen, including the PractiCube ice tray and the IceCubby Ice Sphere storage tray.

We were sent test units of each and we promised to give our unbiased opinion.

Willett Bottle Lamp Project

A simple afternoon project to create a personalized piece of bar décor for your home bar using a power drill and a few other supplies easily available at your local hardware store or online.

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