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What it is

From the producer:

Resilient straight bourbon whisky barrels are hand-picked single barrels of quality.

We are looking for barrels that are well balanced with grain and wood. Barrels that really shine and bring some great flavors to the nose and palate. We enjoy finding these barrels, bottling them up and bringing them forward to our friends and community of whisky enthusiasts.

The label contains all the information one would want. The 53 gallon newly charred American oak barrels, distillery, where it’s bottled, barrel #, bottle #, distilled on date, bottled on date, proof and mash bill.

Quality bourbon, being transparent in the process with all the relevant information and bottled with enthusiasm, is our formula to being resilient in the ever changing times!

Resilient Bourbon Barrel #5 (Indiana) Stats
  • Producer: Resilient
  • Distiller: MGP
  • Proof: 107º (53.5% ABV)
  • Age: 11 Years (Distilled 05/2006, bottled 09/2017)
  • Style: Single Barrel Straight Bourbon
  • Mash Bill: 75% corn, 21% Rye, 4% barley
  • Barrel #5, bottle # 073
  • Total Bottles: 133
  • Availability: Rare
  • Price Paid: $92


Medium Brown


Brown sugar, maple syrup, sour apples, lemon zest , oak and vanilla. This is a full nose with lots going on.


As expected from MGP juice, this is spicy and loaded with citrus on the palate. The initial sensation is black pepper spice, but it’s followed up with a lot of vanilla and simple syrup. The sour apple is not present on the palate, rather lemon drop candies and orange peel take up the fruit mantle.


The mouthfeel is viscous and full- surprisingly so given that it’s proofed down slightly to 107. But pepper, oak and lemon zest round out the medium-length finish.


I’m a sucker for aged MGP juice, and this one was an easy purchase for me. I bought this ahead of a bottle-share night at my house, and it was pretty well received by all the guests. It’s not my favorite expression of MGP bourbon, and that’s likely because it seems a bit proofed down- but it’s very good nonetheless.This is a good mouthfeel and has some strong barrel flavors, but it lacks the fruit and sweet “pop” that comes from an aged barrel proof MGP bourbon. Granted, MGP juice tends to come out of the barrel around 110-115 proof at this age, so it’s not like copious amounts of water were added. I like this. It ticks a lot of boxes and rounds out to a good whiskey, although it could possibly have been a great one.

ModernThirst.com score: 88 out of 100

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Resilient Indiana Bourbon Barrel #5

88 Good

Slightly proofed down, this is a solid sipping bourbon and worth a purchase.

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