Well, Wine Fest 2014 was a success. I was lucky enough to attend with a good friend and future ModernThirst wine contributor, Jason Beem.  Jason is very knowledgeable and has an extensive wine collection in his personal cellar, and is in the wine industry as a Director with JT Wines.  Having an expert such as Jason had a clear advantage:  I did not waste my time, tongue or liver on bad wines. By picking and choosing what we were tasting allowed us to chat with and get more information from the distributors and even the wineries themselves.  I also learned more about French wines and started to enjoy them.  While ModernThirst is primarily a beer and bourbon site at this point, we do appreciate wine as well, expect more wine coverage to be coming as we add  to our team and knowledge base. For now, I have posted some photos below of some wines that I deemed photo worthy, I am also going to list below some of the booths that we enjoyed and are worth checking out for yourselves. Whether it is beer, wine or spirits we will continue to be drinking in life’s simple pleasures.


  • The Prisoner/Saldo (no longer affiliated with Orin Swift)
  • Duckhorn
  • Ferrari Carani (reserve!)
  • Joel Gott
  • Rodney Strong
  • Trinchero
  • Masi Cuvaison
  • Locations
  • Heitz
  • Slo Down (if only for the Coming to America reference…..Sexual Chocolate!)

image[3]image[5] image[4]  image[2]

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