While the bulk of Modern Thirst’s attention has been focused on Bourbon and Craft Beer, along with a smattering of Rye and Wheat whiskey, Modern Thirst does not limit itself to any particular form of libation. We are equal opportunity sippers.

Sometimes, the opportunity to sip something exciting is presented, and it’s important to take the leap.

Yesterday, I had the fortune of visiting a good friend, who generously offered me a pour of Grand Marnier 150, or as the producer calls it, Cuvée Spéciale 1827-1977 Cent Cinquentenaire.

From Grand Marnier:

Launched by Jacques Marnier Lapostolle, the company’s CEO, in 1977 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the House of Grand Marnier®, this opulent blend, presented in a unique decanter, was created for cognac enthusiasts. It combines essence of orange with very old cognacs mainly from Grand Champagne, the most prestigious production area in the Cognac region. The epitome of Grand Marnier’s luxury and authenticity, the bottle’s distinctive “Art Nouveau” decoration is still hand-finished today.

This bottling contains a mixture of cognacs ranging upwards of 50 years old.


The GM150 poured into a large cognac snifter a bright, sparkling gold.


Sweet and decadent, with orange and peach overlaying spicy cinnamon and clove.


Honey and sweet candied orange on the tip of the tongue give way to a soft, warm tongue-coating experience that develops into almond and vanilla.


Exceptionally long. The candied fruit and vanilla flavors mingle with a warm alcohol finish for quite some time after the swallow.


It’s a lot of fun to try new drinks. In some cases, it’s sort of a privilege. I’m not a cognac drinker by any means, but I fully recognize the decadent richness of this Grand Marnier offering, and can clearly see why it has become a highly sought after collector’s piece. If any drink perfectly encapsulates the image of an evening spent sitting on a stone patio overlooking the French Riviera (I assume, as I’ve not been there myself), I imagine this is it.

Grand Marnier 150


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