In the name of research, we here at ModernThirst are always looking for opportunities to get out there and visit the great breweries that this country has to offer. Not long ago, these opportunities would have been somewhat limited beyond St. Louis and Milwaukee.  Now chances are high that when you are on your next trip to a brewery, you will stumble upon another along the way. The purpose of this post is to highlight the brewing facilities and offerings of the numerous breweries in this country.  From nano, to micro, to macro and the occasional beer bar this collection of galleries will strive to provide you with a look into how and where the modern beers are brewed and consumed.

With as many breweries out there, it is certainly a daunting task to compile a comprehensive collection of photos of each of them, but we will begin here and see what it grows into.  We welcome any photos that you as a reader may want to submit,  and will always give you credit.  Let’s just snap as many brew kettle pics as we can.


North East Breweries:

We will start this series with a trip to New England. Over the next week or so, expect new galleries from the New England area, predominately Maine, as ModernThirst voyages up to Vacationland.

Maine Beer Company

Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company

SoME Brewing Company



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