After an ambitious start to the Great Brewery Gallery, we head down to southern Maine to a rather unassuming brewery.  In fact, unless a local told you about this place, the only way that you would know it was a brewery was if you happened to be driving down this rural street after 4pm on a Friday and saw the Kinko’s made “Beer” sign.  Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company is  a small 6.5 BBL brewery located on a 20 acre farm in beautiful Lyman, Maine.  They only open on Fridays and they are quickly at standing room only for individual glasses (you keep the glass) and growler fills.  Bonus, they have their own pizza oven and they provide free pizza to go with their tasty beer.  While you may think you are just drinking some guy’s homebrew, you are not far off, but luckily they are making some good beer and I will venture to say that their “So Folking Hoppy” is worthy  to comparison with some of the more well known craft IPAs.  Their operation is expanding, but even now, Funky Bow is worth a visit. (if you can find a spot on their dirt road)


21Ledgewood Ln

Lyman, ME 04002


Fridays 4pm-??

Tastings: YES

Growlers: YES

Tours: Maybe if you ask

Bottles to go: NO

Free pizza: YES

Be Sure to try: So Folkin’ Hoppy


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