Old Weller Antique!

It was a runaway.  With 46% of the votes, and no other bourbon garnering more than 17%, you’ve chosen Old Weller Antique to be March, 2015’s Bourbon of the Month!


Old Weller Antique 7Old Weller Antique is a wheated bourbon distilled in Frankfort, KY.   And any mention of distilling in Frankfort, KY should immediately bring two words to the mind of a bourbon enthusiast:  Buffalo Trace.  Yes, this bourbon is distilled at the massive Buffalo Trace facility in Frankfort.  The modern brand was actually developed at the famed Stitzel-Weller distillery in the Shively neighborhood of Louisville.  Any mention of a wheated bourbon from the Stitzel-Weller distillery should bring to mind the Van Winkle label.  Yes, the Weller line was developed by the Van Winkle family and shares a good deal of DNA with the famed Pappy Van Winkle bourbons.   The Van Winkle bourbons are also produced out of the Buffalo Trace distillery.  Same wheated recipe, same distillery.


Old Weller Antique has begun to reach absurd levels of popularity of late, making it difficult to find on shelves.  That common DNA with the Pappy lineup is the likely cause.  It’s clearly not Pappy, and anyone who buys it hoping it will be is going to be sorely disappointed.  But it is a solid bourbon in its own right.  In a bourbon industry in which higher strength wheated bourbons are very difficult to find, Old Weller Antique stands out, with its only competition, really, being the limited production Makers Mark Cask Strength.  And as a $30ish bourbon, it’s hard to find too much fault.


So throughout March, share with us your thoughts on this popular sipper from Buffalo Trace.  Share photos, tasting notes, experiences, stories, and photos.  You can email them to bill@modernthirst.com, respond in the comments below, post them on our forums, or contact us via Facebook or twitter (@Modern_Thirst).


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  1. The people have spoken!!!! OWA is very simple and pleasant. Nobody can complain about it. If you expect something else and OWA isn’t it, your expectation is is misguided. There is plenty available in my area, Connecticut, and a 750ml bottle goes for $20, even the single barrel program bottles.

    Enjoy this wonderful, unpretentious bourbon.

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