Join with me for the next twenty-four days as we countdown to Christmas with the Drinks by the Dram Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar.  Each day will present a new whisky adventure ranging from Nikka Coffey Malt Whisky to hopefully the Hibiki 21 Year Old.  Check back every day for a brief review of each whisky tasted. I plan to give a quick overview of the nose, taste, finish, and general cost range, if I can find it, of the dram with an overall A, B, C type score. Since each sample is only an ounce, the letter grade system allows for a more generalized overview of the whisky.

The scoring scaleA+= 95 and higher, A= 94-93, A-= 92-90, B+= 89-87, B= 86-83, B-= 82-80, C+= 79-77, C= 76-73,  and hopefully there will not be any whiskies at these levels, but just in case C-= 72-70, D= 69-60, F= 59 and lower


DEC 1:  Nikka Coffey Malt     ABV: 45%.    Cost: $65-$80     Score:  lower B+

Nose:  very pleasant nose, rich honey sweetness, spun sugar, tropical fruits, lush

Taste:  touch of oak present at first, nice light tropical fruits remain, a toffee sweetness, some slight wood char and a dark chocolate coffee-esque end of palate

Finish: not as sweet as I remember the grain version, slight touch of bitterness at the end, the finish reduces the score slightly for me

Overall:  nice dram (as is the Coffey Grain variant), I like it (picked up a bottle)

DEC 2 – Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt     43%     Cost = $60-$75     Score:  high B

Nose:  honey maltiness, caramel green apple, touch of spice – nice

Taste:  toffee caramel spice, good mouthfeel, slight pepper oak char, apple skins, and slight coffee note at the end

Finish: medium finish on this blended malt from Nikka’s distilleries at Yoichi and Miyagikyo; nicely balanced

Overall: a solid dram – I already have an unopened bottle on the shelf and this sample does not make me disappointed in that decision

DEC 3 – The Kurayoshi Pure Malt     43%     Cost = $60-$80     Score:  lower B

Nose:  sweet candy, vanilla, syrupy butter rum lifesavers

Taste:  different – a thick mouthfeel initially with the sweetness continuing, a dark sugar toffee note with raisins

Finish:  medium in length with some initial spice

Overall:  not a lot of information on this dram from the Matsui Shuzo Distillery; would have to visit with this one again in a bar maybe, before ever considering a purchase

DEC 4 – Hibiki Japanese Harmony     43%    Cost = $70-$85     Score: solid B

Nose:  floral, perfume, spun sugar sweetness, ripe plum, juicy fruit gum, and apricot

Taste:  tingly orange spice with a lingering charred toffee note, an oak wood resin element

Finish:  good medium length with a touch of astringency and some dark chocolate

Overall:  this NAS replaced the Hibiki 12-Year Old, which I liked better

DEC 5 – Nikka All Malt     40%    Cost = $35-$45    Score: B-

Nose:  dark caramel sugars, ripe fruit – some banana, vanilla

Taste:  touch of spice and toffee sweetness, red apple skins, some oak, leather – less sweetness than expected from the nose

Finish:  shorter finish, wood tannins

Overall:  an entry level Japanese whisky that is a blend of Coffey still grain whiskey and pot still malted barley made at Nikka’s two major distilleries; I have not seen this on the shelf in any store in the U.S. so far – for the price not too bad, but would not be at the top of my list

DEC 6 – Hibiki 17 Year Old     43%    Cost = rare, difficult to price in U.S. $185+     Score:  low A

Nose:  rich honey malt, toffee brown sugar, floral honeysuckle note, plum, vanilla – really nice over

Taste:  elements from the nose continue on the palate, touch of toffee, coconut, vanilla cream, and slight spice

Finish:  mouthcoating, lingering finish – well balanced, excellent dram

Overall:  a really nice blended whiskey, wish this were more readily available in the U.S.

DEC 7 – Nikka Pure Malt Black     43%     Cost = not in US ($55-$75 w/o shipping from overseas)   Score:  A-

Nose:  some darker rich sweet notes, a mustiness, caramel, touch of smoke, a fruitiness – apple, raisin – really like what I get here

Taste:  a smoked dark caramel with a touch of ginger and wood spice, baking spices, dark chocolate – want to spend more time with this whisky

Finish:  excellent mouth coating, no off-putting notes in any way, lengthy finish

Overall:  a NAS blended Nikka malt, really nice dram that pleasantly surprised me; really nice, wish it were available in the U.S. – I’d buy (actually I’m going to look to buy via other outside of the U.S. distributors)

DEC 8 – Mars Maltage “Cosmo”    43%    Cost = $65-$85 without shipping    Score:  C+

Nose:  rich honey malt notes, toffee with some citrus underneath, raisins, pear, and nuts

Taste:  charred caramel toffee, not overly sweet, ginger spice with some pepper, a little astringent oak at the end

Finish:  medium – not the best part of this dram, the wood tannins drown out some of the other notes, bitter chocolate peeks through

Overall:  a blend of Japanese and Scottish malt whiskies – no percentages given; founded in 1985 the Mars Shinshu distillery claims the title of highest distillery in Japan at just over 2,600 feet; not one I’d seek out

DEC 9 – Kamiki     48%    Cost = $75-$90     Score: D+

Nose:  spice, wood – cedar, a solvent note; really different – unusual, touch of green apple tartness, sawdust, then balsa wood (imagining I’m a kid with a glider plane), white pepper

Taste:  tastes like my mom’s cedar chest smells, if it were a liquid – I know, weird; lingering woody peppery note which hides the other sweeter notes that try to push through

Finish:  medium-long, which is not a good thing; I like new and different whiskies – this is not one of them

Overall:  a blend of Japanese malt and “the finest” malt whiskies from the rest of the world (no other details given); the first whisky in the world finished in Yoshino Sugi (Japanese Cedar) casks; too much of the finishing wood note for me, must be an acquired taste – I’m just not there and I’ve had over 300 different whiskies this year – disappointing

DEC 10 – Nikka Coffey Grain    45%     Cost = $60-$70     Score:  low B+

Nose:  super sweet on the nose – cotton candy spun sugar, caramel, vanilla – very bourbon-esque sweet notes overall (but sweeter)

Taste:  caramel vanilla cream, a slight coconut peeks through, some nut elements– not overly complex, a syrupy sweetness gives way to a touch of oak char spice at the end

Finish:  pleasant – short to medium, due to the high corn content this is sweeter and more like a bourbon in some respects than your typical Japanese whisky

Overall:  a nice dram, I’d have a bottle on hand as one of those unique bridge whiskies – to share with those that only like one style, maybe bourbons and/or Irish whiskies – good to use to introduce people to some other styles of whisky

DEC 11 – Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky    40%     Cost = $40-$50     Score: C

Nose:  apple juice, slight spice – with some cinnamon, honey, tropical fruits, has a freshness – after finishing the tasting, the nose is the best about it

Taste:  thin on the mouthfeel, apple skins are at the fore, a tartness with some dark caramel sugars and pepperiness – not horrible but not a must have either

Finish:  shorter finish with a touch of oak and caramel at the end

Overall:  an entry level Japanese whisky – not overly expensive, something a bit different without breaking the bank, but not all that noteworthy either

DEC 12 – Kirin Fuji-Sanroku Blended Whisky    50%     Cost = wide range ~ $90-$135     Score: B

Nose:  classic malt notes, touch of smoke, earthiness, spice, apple, cinnamon, maybe some cherries and nougat

Taste:  spice to the fore – almost like an American rye, nice mouthfeel, dark sugars – toffee with oakiness at the end, apple skins, some dark chocolate, coffee, a touch astringent

Finish:  medium, mouth coating with some drying

Overall:  a blended whisky from Kirin’s Fuji Gotemba Distillery, located in the foothills of Mt. Fuji; solid dram with some character here

DEC 13 – The Kurayoshi Sherry Cask Blended Malt   43%   Cost = $75-$95    Score:  C

Nose:  sherry notes, raisins, caramel sugar, touch of cranberry tartness, a cider quality on the nose

Taste:  a woodiness on the palate, tingling spice, a bit bitter – difficult for the fruit to push forward, some chocolate, and a touch of sourness – as on the nose

Finish:  medium at best with lingering spice – ginger

Overall:  a bit disconnected between the nose and the palate, not very memorable; nose is the best element – uneven otherwise (and I typically like sherry finishes)

DEC 14 – Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve Single Malt   43%  Cost = $60-$70   Score: B+

Nose:  a freshness on the nose that is appealing, some malt notes, spearmint, walking in a garden, pear, grassiness, a tartness – like a not completely ripe plum

Taste:  nice mouthfeel, some honey toffee sweetness with a touch of spice, some smoke – decently balanced on the palate with a citrusy note

Finish:  nicely done, medium-long finish – would like to spend more time with this one, I’d pick up a bottle because it is pleasant and at the same time a bit different and unique

Overall:  from the Hakushu Distillery at the foothills of Mount Kaikomagatake; would like to see this on the shelf in the U.S. more often for the price

DEC 15 – Nikka Blended Whisky     40%     Cost = $35-45     Score: C/C+

Nose:  some dark sugar sweetness, caramel, vanilla, green fruit – apple, and touch of orange

Taste:  light on the palate – maybe due to lower ABV, slight touch of spice at the end, some honey and vanilla notes

Finish:  short, not much more to add

Overall:  nose is sweeter than the palate; nothing really jumps out either prominently or negatively in this whisky – an average dram

DEC 16 – Kaiyo Cask Strength Mizunara Oak     53%     Cost = $95-$115     Score:  B

Nose:  rich nose, caramel, honey, apricot, some fleshy fruits, tart cherry – overall nice

Taste:  thick viscous mouthfeel, citrus, honey, charred caramel, touch of wood – some baking spice and dark chocolate at the end

Finish:  lengthy medium finish with a decent aftertaste

Overall:  a unique casking – Mizunara oak (supposedly significantly more expensive than other casks) – that after maturing the casks go to out to sea for a 3-month long journey for a unique finishing touch; do not know if I’d pay $100 for it – but a worthy dram to try at a bar to sit if it fits your taste profile

DEC 17 – The Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve Single Malt    43%     Cost = ~$65-$75     Score:  B

Nose:  malty goodness, honey, pear, green apple, strawberry – nicely done

Taste:  honey with slight ginger spice, red apple skins, touch of tingling on the palate with some wood char and red fruits

Finish:  short-medium with some drying at the end

Overall:  some Mizunara oak used in this bottling, plus reportedly uses Bordaeux wine casks and sherry casks; a solid effort but personally, and I may be in the minority, I prefer the Hakushu Distiller’s Reserve over this Suntory release

DEC 18 – Nikka Taketsuru 21-Year Old     43%     Cost = $300-$500*     Score:  A-/B+

Nose:  a touch musty at the start – wet oak wood, lavender, honey, graham cracker, peach, many layers here with great depth – would love to spend more time with it

Taste:  very pleasant when it hits the palate with some smokiness, syrupy – ginger – honey – maltiness – with a wood underlying it all, mouth coating goodness, some chocolate with touches of tobacco and leather

Finish:  lengthy, drying spice

Overall:  *very difficult to track down, and if you can the prices usually vary greatly; crazily expensive – the most expensive yet tasted in this series – does not take the top spot at this point, but a dram that I could spend a lot of time with (on someone else’s dime)

DEC 19 – Nikka Pure Malt Red     43%     Cost = $50-$65     Score:  B/B-

Nose:  a malty sweetness, honey, apple, a crispness to the nose, slight dustiness from the oak

Taste:  fruit notes, a grassiness, some caramel sweetness with ginger spice – touch of oak

Finish:  short to medium (at best), finishes with a toasted toffee and spice element

Overall:  a blend of malts from Nikka distilleries of Yoichi and Miyagikyo; I prefer the Nikka Pure Malt Black to the Red version

DEC 20 – Yamazakura Blended Whisky    40%     Cost = $55-$65*     Score:  C/C-

Nose:  a touch of sour, almost metallic, then sweet, pear, floral – honeysuckle, fresh lin

Taste:  thin on the palate, pepper spice, apple skins, maybe a slight white grape sweetness, alcohol note evident

Finish: medium, touch of wood char, some bitterness, seems youthful, not the best aftertaste

Overall:  *very difficult to track down – pricing from overseas sites; would not seek this one out, a mixer if you want to spend that much on a mixer

DEC 21 – Kura The Whisky Pure Malt     40%     Cost = $65-$75     Score:  B-

Nose:  bolder nose, a bit of honey caramel sweetness, rum influence shows on the nose, a touch of tartness – maybe cranberry at the end of the nosing

Taste:  balanced toffee, nice spice with some smoke, vanilla creaminess, full mouthfeel, taste belies the ABV on this one, touch of bitterness at end of palate

Finish:  decent finish – medium, spice emerges and lingers

Overall:  from the Helios Distillery in Okinawa, Japan – finished in Japanese rum casks; mixed bag here, not much details available on this whisky

DEC 22 – The Nikka 12-Year Old     43%     Cost = $105-$120*     Score:  high B

Nose:  sweet pleasant nose, spun sugar, caramel, plum, luscious – really nice, touch of spice

Taste: initial spice, apple – apple skins, toasted toffee, cinnamon, baking spice, dark chocolate – coffee, less sweet than the nose

Finish:  nice lengthy finish, solid dram

Overall:  *prices from Europe (US cost); a blended whisky from Nikka (seems to be a LOT of those in Japan these days); would revisit if could find for a good price

DEC 23 – Nikka From the Barrel     51.4%     Cost = $65-$85     Score:  A-/B+

Nose:  caramel apple, dark sugar, toffee, touch of spice, balanced nose with some vanilla and pear underneath

Taste:  apple skin – dark caramel – spice, dark chocolate, banana, and maybe an almond note

Finish:  medium-long; nice dram – touch of oak spiciness at the end

Overall:  Whisky Advocate’s #1 whisky of 2018 – reportedly a blend of over a 100 different batches of malt whisky and grain whisky produced at Nikka’s Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries, and aged in multiple types of ex-Bourbon barrels, puncheons, sherry butts, refilled-recharred-remade hogsheads; for the price a definite buy to add to your collection

DEC 24 – Yamazaki 18-Year Old     43%     Cost = $500-$800     Score:  low A

Nose:  beautiful fruit, figs, apricot, raisin, cherry blossom, a bouquet of notes, want more time with this one; absolute best nose of the 24 in the series

Taste:  dark fruit – dark sugar – honey – caramel, spice kicks in with a charred oak note, tobacco, espresso

Finish:  lingering lengthy finish

Overall:  aged in sherry, bourbon, mizunara oak casks; a hard-to-find – crazily priced in the U.S. whisky; really glad I have a bottle from a few years back (in the $200+ range) set aside – a really nice dram, but I wouldn’t pay the exorbitant current prices – too many other Japanese whiskies you can get for the price of this one bottle – don’t get me wrong this is an amazingly, wonderful dram, but . . .

Thanks for sharing in an advent calendar journey with us once again this year.  If you’d like to review last year’s twenty-four whiskies from the Drinks by the Dram Premium Whiskey Advent Calendar just click on the name.  May you, your family, and friends have a wonderful holiday season.  Until the next advent calendar . . . cheers!

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