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Dovetail took almost a year to get right and highlights some outstanding flavors that were achieved from blending a 10 year whiskey from Indiana that was finished in Dunn Vineyards cabernet barrels and an 11 year old bourbon from Tennessee finished in port and blackstrap rum casks. It is bottled at batch proof- 122.9º (61.45% ABV)



Medium caramel-brown. 


Rich molasses surrounded by toasted oak, cherry, red berry and raisin with a slight caramel and vanilla finish.


Tons of red fruit and raisins up front followed by molasses, honey and a slight earthy note of leather and coffee.


Medium-long finish that rounds out with vanilla and a dash of black pepper.
There is a slight bitter note that drops off quickly that may be present form the sulfur or minerals found in blackstrap.


I will start off by saying that I am a huge fan of Barrell and the things that they are doing with blending whiskey.

They are up front and transparent and it doesn’t feel like they are hiding anything. That being said the cab and port are the stars here, and the slight rum finish is wonderful. I found myself gazing into my glass throughout this review and marveling in everything that it has to offer. Although the higher price may be a turn off to some, I will be the first to say that this bottle is 100% worth the price

ModernThirst.com score: 91 out of 100 points.

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