This week I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this limited offering from Buffalo Trace of EH Taylor’s Amaranth Grain Of The gods. (Thanks Tim Long) With all the talk and common questions we get about this product what better way to pass my thoughts off to the masses.

Photo Credit: Buffalo Trace

What It is

The Tenth offing from the E.H. Taylor lineup, Amaranth Grain of the Gods is a throw back to an ancient grain, comes in at 100 proof and is said to be over 10 years. old (Per Buffalo Trace’s press release)
Tasted neat in a Glencairn glass.

Light caramel, copper or a honey syrup.


Incredible deep and rich nose of Oak, blackberries, musty old records, sweet cream, biscuits,
pecans, green apple skins, honey and Concord grapes.

The musty earthiness continues followed by lots of oak, cereal, black licorice, cedar leather and black currants.

Long Tannic finish that has little to no spice. There is a pleasant earthiness that carries through the entire
experience with a bit of sweetness that hangs out in the background. The complexity on nose is quite pleasant and had me smelling it for roughly 10 minutes. I’ve always enjoyed long finishes but the amount of barrel and tannin that comes through made the palate not as enjoyable.

Overall I enjoyed this pour, the nose alone is with the price of admission; if you can find it at retail ($70), that is. For what we’ve seen these bottles going for on the secondary market this wouldn’t be a bottle I wouldn’t go and chase.

However if deep dark barrel characteristics, high tannins, and whiskies with an extremely complex noise are your thing; than this bottle is going to be your new go-to and you need to track a bottle down.

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