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USA Today had a good article on brewpubs. It’s an interesting read with some great recommendations, but it is by no means a comprehensive list. This may give Modern Thirst some ideas for places to review. Three Floyds would certainly be a good place to start! The article is linked below. Brewpubs offer great beer, good food and local flavor Gary Stoller, USA TODAY (Photo: Martin E. Klimek, USA TODAY)


So by now, most of those who follow the spirits business are aware of the impending purchase of Jim Beam Brands by Japanese Spirits Company Suntory Holdings.  Throughout, both Suntory representatives and Beam Brands representatives have assured the public that this purchase will not change the business of Beam Brands.  The reality is that it very well could have an impact.  For Suntory, the Japanese company gets a stake in the US market it currently lacks.  For Beam Brands, they gain exposure to the fast growing markets in Asia that they’ve currently only begun to tap into.  For Asian…

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