At Modern Thirst we don’t want you to be just sitting at home and drinking. To really know and enjoy the fine libations that the modern world has to offer, you need to get out there with the people!  A new part of Modern Thirst will be to help keep you informed of the latest drink related festivals and events to quench your thirst.

Since I happen to reside in Cincinnati, I figured I would start this category off with Cincinnati Beer Week.  We are just hours away from the official start of this 3 year old event.  It culminates with the Cincy Winter Beerfest (which is now in its 7th year)  While the events in and around the Queen City are too numerous to list here, the Cincinnati Beer Week website has a the full calendar.  Please let us know if you attend any of these events, we’d love to hear what you think!

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Matt is the Co-Founder and Resident Beermeister of He was born and raised on the west side of Cincinnati. From his humble beginnings as a Burger Light and Hudy Delight drinker, he has developed a palate for some of the America’s best beer, bourbon and wine. He has enjoyed visits to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and countless breweries. In 2013 he became more serious about homebrewing, and has hopes to continue to expand his brewing hobby. Matt resides in Cincinnati with his wife and two daughters. Twitter @GaterMatt, email

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