George Remus Repeal Reserve

89 Good

Spicy and well aged, this is a great example of what MGP whiskey can become with the right age, the right proof, and the right blend.

George Remus Repeal Day Reserve is a new limited release bourbon from MGP Ingredients in Lawrenceburg, IN. This is a bourbon made from a blend of three mashbills- 50% standard bourbon mashbill (21% rye) from 2005, 15% 2006 high rye mashbill (36% rye), and 36% standard mashbill from 2006. That makes this 11 years old. It’s bottled at 94 proof, and will retail for $74.99 and will be available only in Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, MIssouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Check out the video above for a full review, or read the synopsis below.


Medium brown, amber.


Lots of rye, sweet dark fruits and oak. Hints of butterscotch.


Spicy Rye, oak, vanilla, dark fruits.


Medium to long, butterscotch, rye, and oak.


Well aged, the right proof, and very tasty. score: 89 out of 100

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  1. When it started branding products, MGP had the choice of so many heroic American icons in whiskey distilling. The company instead chose the name of a thug who shot and killed his ex-wife in broad daylight, in a Cincinnati public park, with his daughter watching. George Remus was a criminal, not worthy of becoming the namesake of what sounds like a lovely American whiskey. Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful review.

    • That’s a really interesting point. It seems like America likes to idealize figures from the prohibition era no matter what kind of people they really were. Just look at gangsters- Al Capone, for instance. We turn them into modern-day Robin Hood figures. The real question is: Should we?

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