Last Thursday, I was invited by a local (now defunct) whiskey bar and a local Facebook bourbon group, Louisville Bourbon Hounds, to Loretto, KY to choose a barrel of Maker’s Mark Private Select.

Maker’s Mark is a very unique private barrel program. First, you don’t really pick a barrel. You pick staves. There area total of 5 types of staves, and private select customers can choose any combination of 10 from those 5 staves. Each is a different type of wood with a different type of char, and each imparts a different characteristic on the final product. Ultimately, the barrel is filled with Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, and aged around 6 months.

The group chose a combination that was made up of 1 stave of Baked American Pure 2, 4 staves of Seared French Cuvée, 1 Maker’s 46 stave, 1 Roasted French Mocha stave, and 3 Toasted French Spice staves. It will be available in about 6 months.

Naturally, I can’t visit a distillery without a camera, and with the grounds displaying a number of well-known glass artist Dale Chihuly, I couldn’t resist taking a boatload of photos. Enjoy!


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