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Who they are

A New Jersey based brand that’s located in beautiful Rumson, NJ and named after one of the Owners (Daniel Polise & Michael Paladini) newly born daughters, Penelope Bourbon set out to make a flavorful, light, easy drinking bourbon that is fun and approachable for every bourbon drinker. MSRP $34.99

What it is

An 80 proof straight four grain bourbon sourced from MGP. The Co-founder and COO of the company Daniel Polise is very open, honest and upfront with where their bourbon comes from and is more than happy to answer questions.


Light honey glow.


Sweet grains (more than likely from the corn) followed by sweet creamy peaches and warm yeast rolls. It finishes out with a lovely light caramel and a tinge of strawberries. For being 2-3 years old I’m surprised by the aromas that are emitting here.


Grain forward but not aggressive (yes, you can tell it is young but it isn’t full of ethanol) accompanied by a pleasant sweetness and a hint of oak. On the back of the palate there’s more stone fruit notes and a small amount of orange zest while a lovely rye spice lingers in the background.


Short medium finish with a nice rye spice.


Make no mistake: this is a young whiskey, so those big robust flavors you might be after won’t be present. Don’t let that stop you from picking this up, though. For being as young as it is, Penelope bourbon did a good job blending these bourbons to create an easy drinking, easily approachable bourbon.

ModernThirst.com Score: 88 out of 100

Disclosure: The sampled bottle of Penelope was graciously provided by Penelope Bourbon.  ModernThirst.com appreciates their willingness to provide their product for review.  The contents of this review are our own, made without outside influence, or strings attached. 

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Penelope 4 Grain Bourbon

88 Good

For a young whiskey, this represents an excellent job of blending by owner Daniel Polise.

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Timothy lived in Southern California most of his life and although he drank bourbon for good amount of those years, it wasn't until he moved to Louisville that he really jumped into bourbon head first. He's always been incredibly fascinated with what bourbon has to offer and what goes into making a great bottle of whiskey; from the earth that birthed the beautiful oak for its barrels to the grain that shines through when it first hits your lips. He wants to learn everything there is to know... and then drink it. You can Follow him on instagram @SingleBarrelSnob

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