Join with me for the next twenty-four days as we countdown to Christmas with the Drinks by the Dram Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar.  Each day will present a new whiskey adventure (albeit from last year’s – 2018 calendar – hey, I found it on sale earlier this year). Check back every day for a brief review of each whiskey tasted.  I plan to give a quick overview of the nose, taste, finish, and general cost range of the dram with an overall A, B, C type score.  Since each sample is only an ounce, the letter grade system allows for a more generalized overview of the whisky.

The scoring scaleA+ = 95 and higher, A = 94-93, A- = 92-90, B+ = 89-87, B = 86-83, B- = 82-80, C+ = 79-77, C = 76-73, — and hopefully there will not be any whiskies at these levels, but just in case C- = 72-70, D = 69-60, F = 59 and lower

This marks the third year of Advent Calendar reviews for ModernThirst.  Check out the previous years here:

Whisky Advent Calendar 2017 (Updated Daily)

Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar 2018

Here is a sneak peek of the first six whiskies to be reviewed.  Check back tomorrow for a dram a day!

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